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Home Ownership

For more than 70 years the Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy has lived its mission to provide safe, decent and affordable housing to its residents. We understand that stable families, particularly homeowners are the backbone of a vital community and that safe, affordable homes, family resources, and financial assets are essential tools towards strengthening families and communities.

That’s why we want to help you obtain the keys to open the door of homeownership!

Our eight (8) hour workshops are provided in English and Spanish and provide the participant with essential knowledge to navigate through the home buying process. Homebuyer’s one-on-one counseling is also available after the workshop to help and reinforce the responsibilities of owning a home. The counseling session will address any obstacles you may incur and create an action plan that identifies your barriers, if any to accomplish homeownership. Additionally you will receive recommendations, steps and tasks to take that will enable you to overcome these obstacles. Upon completion of the class a certificate of completion will be issued which will enable you to meet the education requirement for several loan products. Some of what you will learn during this workshop includes, mortgage terminology, what the mortgage documents look like and what they mean, how to compare loans and programs and who should be a part of your team.

The Housing Authority’s goals, however, is not just to simply help you purchase a home, but to also help to ensure your long term successful ownership of your home. Once you are a part of our family, our door is always open to provide you with additional resources and referrals. Additional workshops are offered on topics like energy efficiency, home maintenance, refinancing, avoiding predatory loans and much more.

Registration forms can be downloaded below for individuals interested in our services. You can also contact us via phone or mail. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Financial Literacy/Understanding Credit Course Description

This course is for individuals who want to achieve financial independence and develop healthy spending
habits. The course teaches five core competencies of financial literacy: Earning, Savings, Spending,
Borrowing and Protecting. Students learn the importance of good credit and how poor credit is
responsible for more than not being able to purchase a home.

Topics for this class include:
•!• Basic banking
•!• Wants Vs. Needs
•!• Developing a spending plan
•!• The importance of Savings
•!• The importance of good credit
•:• Improving credit scores
•:• Getting help


To prepare individuals with a stronger understanding of basic financial concepts to better manage funds.
To prepare individuals to become self-sufficient so they can achieve financial stability.


The Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy

881 Amboy Avenue
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

This Workshop is FREE!!

For more info or program assistance please email: Eugenia Hill (732) 826-3110 ext.631

Post Purchase- Protecting Your Investment Course Description

This course is for individuals who have purchased a home. With all of the exciting changes in a new
homeowner's life it can be tempting to change what you bring into your new home. You can be easily
tempted to buy new furniture or appliances for the home. Your yard may require you to invest in lawn
equipment but you should beware!
This course walks you through the does and don'ts of homeownership now that you've achieved your
goal. You've worked hard to eliminate debt to qualify for your new home so be mindful of your good
credit ratings. Topics for this class include:

•!• The Benefits of Homeownership
•!• Protecting your investment
•!• Money Matter
•!• Learning to cope with serious financial issues that may arise
•!• Maintaining and improving your home
•!• Community involvement.


To prepare homeowners for the new challenges brought about by buying a home and sustaining the
home once homeownership is achieved.

Location: The Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy
881 Amboy Avenue
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
This Workshop is FREE!!